Applications - Fish Processing Facilities

Hand Cleaning

Spectrum Bactericidal – bactericidal liquid hand cleaner
Turnstile Bactericidal Hand Soap – hand cleaning at turnstiles

Hand Sanitising

Senses Hand Sanitiser – helps kill germs and prevent infection
Turnstile Bactericidal Hand Sanitiser – automated system hand sanitiser at turnstiles

Surface Sanitising and Cleaning

Detergent Sanitiser – ideal hard surface cleaner for food manufacturing & processing. Conforms to BS/EN hygiene standards
Stainless Steel Cleaner – safe and effective cleaning of stainless steel
Boxwash – fish box/ crate/ tray cleaning. Heavy duty low foam cleaner
Jet Foam Chlorinated Foaming Sanitiser – sanitiser for floors, walls, machines, equipment or surfaces. Rinse after use.
Safeguard Sanitising Detergent – cleaning and sanitising

Oven Cleaning and Carbon Removal

Piranha Gel – burnt on grease, fat and carbon remover

Smokehouse Cleaner

Smokehouse Cleaner – removing smoke build-up in smokehouses

Floor, Wall & Canopy Cleaning

Blade – superior strength degreaser for food and drink manufacturing industries. Ideal for removing oil and grease from floors, walls and canopies.
Cutlass – heavy duty foaming degreaser which meets with BS/EN 13697 hygiene standards.
Ancillary Products

Disposables – hand drying, kitchen wiping, waste sacks etc. Polythene disposables – hats, gloves, aprons and headwear.
Hygiene Accessories – mops, brushes, squeegees, dust pans, cloths, sanitising and stainless steel cleaning wipes.
Dispensing Equipment – drain dosing, paper dispensers, soap dispensers, chemical dispensers etc.
Drain Maintenance

Super Draintain – biological grease degrader and drain treatment. Digests oils, fats and grease. Available in automatic dosing system

Bactericidal Washing Up

Merlin Bactericidal – bactericidal multi-purpose detergent


Virkon S/ Virkon Aquatic – virucidal disinfectant for safe disinfection of footwear in footbaths, fogging and other applications
Sundry Items

Waste Sacks
Safety Signs
Personal Protective Clothing (PPE)
Pressure Washers
Vacuum Cleaners
Toilet Tissues (bulk pack, jumbo, mini jumbo and standard rolls)